Becoming a Blessing to Others

There is an old gospel song with the following lyrics, “I want to be more like Jesus”. I love to sing it, like many other Christians. But, what does it really mean to be more like Jesus? Jesus once said that He didn’t come to be served but to give and to serve. 

When Christians pray that our lives be more like Jesus, we are praying that we can give and serve others more. From Matthew 8:5-13, guest speaker, Oentung Tanderayuana shared two important points on how to be a blessing to others.


1.    To have a heart that loves one another


The Roman Centurion asks Jesus for his help because his servant is ill. As his master, it would have been easier to just replace the sick servant. But this servant was dear to the Roman Centurion; he thought of the servant with respect and value. The Centurion’s attitude reveals his loving heart and to have this kind of attitude means he had to have...


Despite being a Roman, this Centurion cared and was concerned for his Jewish servant. And despite being a slave, the Centurion didn’t treat him as such. Instead, he treats his servant with compassion which simply means suffering with one another.


From the passage, we see the Centurion is humble and considers himself unworthy as a Gentile to approach the Jewish Rabbi, Jesus. We could assume the Centurion, being in a high position and Roman, was rarely humble. But his humility shows his concern for another human being.


2.    To have real faith


Jesus considers the Centurion’s faith great because he does not ask for any miraculous sign but simply believes in Jesus’ supernatural ability. Despite being a Gentile, he publicly showed his faith; his acceptance, honor and submission to Christ as Saviour. It’s really interesting because for us, who are called ‘believers’, might find it difficult to have that kind of faith.


Because of the Centurion’s faith, humility, compassion, and love; the servant is healed. And the healing was not slow; it did not take months, weeks, days or even hours. But verse 13 says, “His servant was healed that same hour.” The Roman Centurion has become a blessing to his own servant and an example for us.

Dear God,


Thank You for showing me Your compassion through the death of Jesus. Through it, I can learn how to love others with compassion and humility. Also teach me to have more faith in You so that my faith can also bring a blessing to others. 


In Jesus’ name I pray,